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Cloud Solutions

Specialized Expertise In Your Industry

Acrostaff understand, evaluate, test, configure, and implement cloud solutions. When it comes to growing your business, every dollar counts. That's why technology leaders are moving to the cloud. While in the beginning, many were unsure of the true benefits that cloud computing could deliver, most now realize that moving to cloud is an effective way to lower costs and leverage the latest technologies in your business.

Acrostaff can make this transition in your organization, but also efficient.

Acrostaff experts can have a fully integrated private cloud solution ready in just one weeks from inception. Our pre-configured servers for development, testing and collaboration help to accelerate deployment.

  • Cloud Connectors.

  • Cloud Data Integration Services.

  • ETL Cloud Editions.

  • Mobility

  • Security

  • Access

  • Deployment

  • and more